Napoli / Registrazioni


These recordings were made digitally in the streets and squares of the historic center of Naples, between 2017 and 2019. The tracks have been subsequently mixed and transferred to a slightly damaged TDK tape, then further edited with a Roland SP404 sampler.

Unedited digital recordings of tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4 contribute to the sound map of radio aporee:

On the cover: the Spinacorona fountain in Via Giuseppina Guacci Nobile photographed by myself.


recollection. on Falt Records

Five brief compositions about perception, memories and displacement. How the ear explores the sounds, how the latter is exposed to the mind, absorbed, distinguished and disclosed, confessed.

“U-Bahn, Chattery Kids, A Street Musician And A Vending Machine” is made of sounds recorded on the subways of Berlin, on a journey from the new apartment to my office and back to the old house. These fragments are like candid photographs shot from the hip, developed, printed, assembled in an intricate collage and then re-photographed, redeveloped, reprinted.

In “At Home On My Day Off And The Neighbour’s Child Crying” I’m alone in a familiar setting: silence, everything at its place, a peaceful environment.
The mind gets accidentally lost in a maze of dark thoughts, the inside restlessly remodels the surroundings, the ordinary becomes unfamiliar, an inexplicable discord, a child lament turns into a forlorn cry. Everything remains unresolved.


“Somebody Used To Live Here” is a walk in the park, one hot summer afternoon. An abandoned area south of the Tempelhof district with an agglomeration of vacated cottages. Unbroken remembrances that do not belong to my past.

“Calm” is an interlude. An accident, a sequencer left running for a few minutes.

Finally “Somebody Used To Live Here (Coda)” is another walk in the park, in the same place as before. To my surprise, the abandoned cottages are demolished. Probably overnight. Debris and nature and no more memories.

Tools involved: Tascam DR-05, Sanyo MGR-701, Roland SP-404, Korg KAOSS Pad, Korg SQ-1, Waldorf Rocket synthesizer. 
Edited, mixed and mastered in Ableton.